The Wall

On the “WALL” page we are showcasing two NFT artists every week.

The purpose of the “WALL” is to bring some exposure to all the hard-working NFT artists out there and hopefully make the lives of NFT collectors easier by helping them to find the best NFT collections.

Team Mustachios

The Art

Short description :

Team Mustachios consists of 3 teams of 2222 units, yellow, green and blue for a total of 6666 unique NFTs. Unlike traditional stacking, we have innovated to give you an unprecedented experience. We therefore redistribute the royalties in a playful way by selecting a team each week as well as 2 traits from the collection. If your team is selected during the current week, you win but if you own one or even better 2 traits, you could win big. More details and complete roadmap at


The team :

We are two long time partners who worked on major interactive projects for many years including 3D games, events, live shows and we are now moving full time to web3. The team consists of a talented senior motion designer and an award winning senior full stack developer who share respectively over 15 and 20 years of experience in the industry.

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